Our team has been developing machinery for paint, food and liquid industries for the past 20 years. Our machines can be found in most of South Africa’s leading paint companies as well as many small decanter businesses. We also offer factory automation solutions ranging from labeling machines, lid closing machines, dosing machines, stainless steel pipe installations and pneumatic or electric pumps.

Our filling machines can fill containers ranging from 250 ml bottles to 160 litre barrels. Automated machines are based on gravimetric mass measurement, smaller manual fillers are based on level measurements. On average a 20 litre bucket can be filled with paint, oil, paste or gel within 15 seconds. Our high accuracy paint filling machines measures exact quantities without any loss or drops from the machine. Our specially designed electronic control system ensures that the exact amount within the shortest time is filled to your desired container size. Machines are made from food industry standard 316 stainless steel and can be dismantled and cleaned within minutes and with no tools.

From our years of experience in the paint and food industry, FM Manufacturers has developed a skilled team for all your factory automation and stainless steel needs. Phone us today to find out what we could offer you!