Filling Machines

Our filling machines can fill containers ranging from 200ml bottles to 20 litre buckets and 150 litre barrels.

We offer manually operated fillers as well as automated fillers.

Our flagship 20 litre pneumatic automated machine fills a 20 litre bucket within 20 seconds. The high accuracy filling machine measures exact quantities without any loss or drops from the machine. The electronic control system ensures that the exact amount of product is dispensed within the shortest time and filled to your desired container size. Entire assembly is quickly and effortlessly dismantled and reassembled for cleaning purposes to limit down time on production line. Machines are made from high grade 316 stainless steel to conform with food industry standards. FM manufactures machines can be used for all liquids ranging from cooking oils, sulphuric acids, industrial paints, hand cleaners, grease, food products, shampoos and beauty products.

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