FM – 20



The programmable control unit allows for various fill weights on the preset rotary switch. The computer continuously recalculates after each fill to maintain optimum preset level. Once Specific Gravity of the product is selected the computer automatically converts the required weight into preselected liters. Computer allows for a number of adjustments including Over Fill, Under Fill, Inflight Travel and Dribble Duration. Control panel is fitted with over, under, and correct fill indicator lights. Digital display indicates set SG value as well as material filled value. Unit controls high and low pump pressure for fast and dribble speed. Two Stage Pneumatic cylinder opens and closes Stainless Steel vertical valve and includes manual dribble adjustment to regulate flow speed. 60 kg Load Cell is calibrated and supplied with certification. Pneumatic lid closer is height adjustable to accept 5 liter and 20 liter buckets. Units can be solid base or mounted on castor wheels for mobility. Pump not included.


  • Fill by mass liquid filling machine.
  • Fills product to exact weight to ensure accuracy.
  • Highly accurate on each fill well within industry standards.
  • Semi Automated Machine with full automation option available.
  • Each Machine comes standard with a lid closer, roller and filter housing.
  • Lead time 3 weeks on new orders.
  • Durable powder coated frame work houses certified load cell on roller conveyor.
  • Easy Cleaning and maintenance with quick release couplings throughout.
  • 10 liter Stainless Steel Filter Housing with Strainer and Micron Bag.
  • Fills 5 litre and 10 litre containers under 10 seconds.
  • Two Stage Pneumatic Cylinder controlling product flow, Specialized Non-Drip nozzle.
  • 220v Programmable Control Unit.
  • Pneumatically operated adjustable Lid Closer and a 3 meter Gravity Roller Conveyor.
  • Machines are fabricated in house so specifications can be tailored made to suit your requirements.